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Reasons why you should go to church this weekend

I remember while growing up my mom was quite strict about attending church on Sundays. The truth is at that time I thought she was just being a pain and I really rather would have preferred to stay in bed. Now as an adult I see how the pressures of daily life can sometimes become overwhelming and how being closer to God and in church on Sundays can have a positive impact on my life. It may seem easier to ignore the alarm and just laze about the house on Sunday but what good is that for your soul? Here are a few reasons why you should go to church this Sunday.

Reasons why you should go to church this weekend

The Bible indicates we should go

According to various scriptures we should visit the house of God and show our discipleship. If we really want to get as close as possible to God we would need to be in church amongst other believers, worshiping, shouldn’t we? Click here for scriptures about going to church.

It is soul food

Going to church, listening to the sermon and worshipping is good for the soul especially during troubled times. This should not exclude happy times however. Whether you go for guidance during difficult situations or just to give thanks make the effort.

Encourage your friends in Christ

By going to church you will encourage your fellow Christians to also take the time on a Sunday to go to church. Christianity and worship is contagious, in a good way, so let others know that you will be attending a service and see if they join you.

Feel less guilty

I feel guilty every single time I miss church on a Sunday. I usually tell my husband to get his men’s grooming done quickly while I put on my Sunday best when the guilt gets too much. By attending church regularly you are doing something incredibly important for your spiritual life and eliminating guilt.

Worship with other likeminded individuals

It is great to know that you are surrounded by other individuals that share your religion and beliefs. It also makes your time of worship special. You get the opportunity to feel like you are part of something amazing.

Start your week with great focus and motivation

Each and every single time I go to church on a Sunday I am motivated and lighthearted about the coming week. It helps me to stay focus and in a calm and relaxed manner tackle every challenge that I might have to face. I just feel ready and in good hands after attending a service on Sunday. Monday is not as blue as usual. Click here for some spiritual motivation.

Your family will join you and love you for going

Getting your family out of bed might prove to be a challenge but after and enlightened and Christ-filled service they will love you for taking them with. Good traditional family values should include going to church together and sharing a special moment with our God and our fellow brothers and sisters.

5 Steps to Get Closer to God

Do you constantly feel lost and in need of God? Are you always trying to connect with God and seeking for his help and guidance? If so, then we have some helpful tips for you.

Accept that you can’t do everything alone

One of the initial steps to picking up a nearer relationship to God is conceding that you require him in your life. Actually we can’t do everything all alone, so conceding this won’t just demonstrate a feeling of modesty in your life, yet will likewise indicate God that you have confidence in his quality and guarantees.

5 Steps to Get Closer to God

Expel yourself from unsafe connections.

One of the greatest barricades to finding a more profound association with God is hurtful connections. Whether these connections are with family, companions or associates, taking yourself out of the condition will give you the space and vitality expected to first get right in your association with God. In spite of the fact that this may sound extreme to perform, you will have a hard time believing the flexibility and freedom you will experience while having the capacity to exclusively concentrate on your association with God.

Get connected to a nearby church or little gathering.

You will have a hard time believing what amount having a gathering of individuals to bolster you with help you along your voyage with God. Getting connected to a neighborhood church or little gathering will keep you responsible, give you astuteness when required, and even be there for you in times of misery. The Church of God was indented to be done in group, so we urge you to get yourself connected to a group that thinks about your association with God has much as you do. Also connect with your own thoughts in a relaxed environment. Converse with yourself whenever you are alone e.g. in the shower. It would be best to install a bathroom fan to help clear your thoughts. Consider purchasing nothing but the best bathroom fan.

Read your Bible every day.

Reading your Bible is vital. We’re not saying you have to remember the entire thing in Greek, yet you ought to spend understanding it at any rate once every day. Whether you just read it, listen to a podcast or experience a reverential, perusing your Bible will fabricate an establishment for your confidence in God. Record takes note of that you can think back on, and dependably be straightforward while joining what you’ve realized. God will talk you in ways that won’t just change you from the back to front, yet will likewise give you a superior handle with respect to who you are as a man.

Make your prayers compulsory

Supplication is vital. In spite of the fact that supplication can some of the time be taken a gander at as irregular or clumsy, it’s truly not. Consider it a conversation between you and God. You don’t have to light candles, blaze incense, or even wear a dark robe. Simply unwind, get some place quiet, and start a discussion with God that will construct your association with him. Martin Luther once said, “To be a Christian without supplication is not any more conceivable than to be alive without relaxing.” That quote is stuffed with effective truth, and we need you to start taking a gander at petition as your method for staying associated with God. Any association with significance is one that has incredible correspondence.

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