Healing Power

The healing power of prayer

It has been scientifically proven that prayer helps with healing. It is however purely faith that makes this possible. There are many healing methods in the spiritual world and in the Bible it is said that the Elders of your church should pray for you during illness. I truly believe that prayer heals the sick or simply helps to give that person hope in a hard and trying time. I used to admire the little prayer groups around patients every time I visited someone in hospital.  A person could clearly see the hopefulness builds up in that person and that they really appreciated being surrounded by the presence of God and his children.

We all know that God is compassionate and that he would heal us if that is His plan for us. It is said that those that have faith can move mountains. This means that by having faith that someone can be well again while we pray for them we are really making an impact. He stronger out faith the better the chances are that we can be healed. It is also very important to have a group of people with us when we pray for the ill. The power of having a fellowship of believers with you can only make the prayer stronger. Read more about prayer and healing.

The healing power of prayer

It is important to understand that there may not always be a successful healing in the pipeline. This does not mean that we should stop believing. The most common and somehow understandable thing that happens is that people tend to lose faith once they lose a loved one. It is important to note that God is powerful enough to heal anyone of any disease but sometimes the time is just right for that person to move on to the next part of their existence. During this time it is best to not be selfish and to let that person move on peacefully with good wishes. This will also be the time that we need God the most and that our faith needs to remain strong.

There are things to remember when someone close to you is suffering from a serious illness and that is that you need to be supportive and stay positive for that person. Make sure that your loved one is covered by a comprehensive health insurance policy because God’s healing power might display through a Doctor that manages to give the care your loved one needs. Take a look at Health insurance Florida for fantastic free quotes on healthcare. You will ultimately need to be that person’s pillar in a very difficult time and even though your heart might be breaking to see someone you love in such a fragile position it is important to understand that they are facing the fear of dying or getting sicker. It is also never a good thing to make an ill person feel like an inconvenience. Read more about keeping an ill family member or friend positive.

Make an impact with art

If you are a spiritual person you would know that doing something good for someone that is less fortunate or going through a trying time in their lives. There is a great feeling of gratitude and fulfillment that comes with helping others. It is scientifically proven that art is a form of therapy and can help individuals, child or adult to feel better about themselves and perhaps for a few creative moments set their troubles aside. Read more about the healing power of art. If you haven’t been actively involved in any charity or community projects you might want to consider starting an art project that will help others by keeping them engaged in something creative and healing. You can go as far as getting your whole church involved and it will be a fun and religious experience in helping others. Here are a few art projects you might want to consider.

Make an impact with art


Beading is a lot of fun for everyone. This is a great way to get everyone entertained in no time at all. You don’t have to buy the most expensive beads. Perhaps settle with a few beautiful acrylic designs that are cheap and great fun to bead with. You can teach people to make jewelry or other beaded items. The amazing thing is that you will be teaching a trade to people which might enable them to sell their creations.

Adult coloring sessions

Adult coloring is on the rise and has become a great method for adults to relax and take time out. It would be a fantastic idea to visit a shelter with a couple of adult coloring sheets and click here for some great colored gel pens that will brighten anyone’s day. It is said that the patterns that are included in adult coloring books have a therapeutic result. The gel pens are great to color with and with the wide variety of color you will be spoilt for choice.


Music is just a fabulous form of art that can bring light to the darkest day. Get hold of a couple of instruments and perhaps ask the musicians of your church to come along. At first it might sound like an absolute cacophony but if everyone takes the time to learn a simple instrument you might have a lot of fun at the end of the day. It is just the idea of doing something creative and fun that will mean the world to the less fortunate. Read more about the therapeutic benefits offered by music.

Sewing and embroidery

There is a great way to get people involved in a large project and all it would require is material scraps. Get a group of people involved in making a quilt with patchwork. Sewing is a great trade to learn and it will be a fun activity to watch the quilts getting completed with all the different block of material that will turn it into a colorful work of art.

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