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Demonstrating Faith by Caring for Others

When people think about volunteering opportunities, many traditional ideas come up.  This can include taking the time to work in a soup kitchen, donating clothing to those in need, or simply making a financial donation to a cause.  If you are looking for a way to give back to your community and your church, there are a variety of volunteer activities that may provide a more unique way to be of help, allowing you to fulfill needs that may not be as apparent as those that are better known.

Help the Elderly access Medical Treatment

While many elderly members of our communities require regular medical care, not all of them can easily get themselves to and from their appointments.  While services may exist in your area, they can often seem impersonal and may not be an ideal solution for every person needing help.  In cases like these, volunteering to assist those in need by providing transportation to important appointment, and possibly also developing a beneficial social relationship, can provide a way to support your community in a meaningful way.

Demonstrating Faith by Caring for Others

Help New Mothers with Errands

New mothers may feel lost and overwhelmed by the requirements of parenthood.  By offering support to those who have recently given birth, you can not only lower the amount of stress in their lives, but you can help teach them ways to make daily tasks more manageable as they adjust to their new lifestyle.

Having support for those first few grocery shopping trips or well-baby medical appointments can mean the world to new parents who have never been through this before.  You can even offer transportation if you prepare in the right way.  Find out which baby carrier is best for your needs so that you can provide one automatically, eliminating the need for the new mother to remove theirs from their vehicle and making one task a bit simpler for all involved.

Offer Cleaning Services to the Less Mobile

Whether due to illness, injury, or disability, many members of your church community may struggle to maintain a clean and healthy home.  By offering to assist with any cleaning tasks, you can make sure that their home environment is a positive one, while also limiting their contact with the bacteria that may grow when a home is unclean.

Pet Care Assistance

This can be especially relevant to those with pets, as caring for a pet can become a challenge.  For example, cleaning a litterbox may be difficult to a person in a wheelchair and washing a dog may not be possible for a person with a serious back injury.  Other cleaning tasks that could be offered includes scooping poop in the backyard of a dog owner, cleaning out pet food dishes on a regular basis, and assisting with the application of any medications.

Ask Around for Other Ideas

One of the easiest ways to find an opportunity that can truly benefit your community is to simply ask around.  Whether you inquire through other members of your church, your school, or local non-profits, you can find out what services and support are most required in your area.  This may lead you to consider an option that you would not have thought of otherwise, and you will know that the service you are offering is important to the community.

Help the Less Fortunate through Scrap Sewing Projects

Many of us would like more opportunities to help those who are less fortunate than us, but we may not have the funds to donate large amounts of cash, and may have limited availability outside of the home.  For those who already complete a variety of sewing projects at home, consider turning your scraps into items that can be used in various shelters in your area.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some ideas to get your started.

Start by Thinking Small

Many small projects can be completed even with a basic sewing machine for beginners.  This can allow those who are new to sewing to still produce helpful items with their scraps that can be very useful to those who are going through difficult times.

One simple project to start with is creating an item that is often used by mothers of infants on a daily basis; the baby bib.  Baby bibs are simple to design and a wide variety of fabrics are often appropriate.  If you don’t have enough of a single fabric to complete the piece, you can do some mixing and matching to create a fun and colorful piece.

Small toiletry bags can also be useful, especially if you take the time to fill them with sample sizes of various key personal care items like shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, and toothpaste.  This can allow a person who may be staying in a shelter an easy way to keep track of small personal care items, and can be seen as quite thoughtful when filled with basic necessities that may not be easy to come by otherwise.

Help the Less Fortunate through Scrap Sewing Projects

Combine Pieces for Larger Items

For those with a large number of scraps, and the experience and skills necessary for the project, creating blankets from scrap materials can also be a blessing to those who had to leave their homes and seek shelter elsewhere.  Blankets can be produced in any size, as there is certainly a use for smaller blankets as well as larger ones.

Certain clothing items can also be produced from scrap pieces, depending on the size.  Simple children’s shirts can be created by using various patterns that coordinate based on a particular color theme, as well as items like slippers.

Winter fabrics may be combined to create warm hats and scarves, as well as gloves or mittens.

Items for those with Unique Needs

Certain items may be especially desirable to those with certain health or physical difficulties.  For example, a walker caddie may help someone with mobility issues to keep various necessities nearby without having the carry a heavy bag.  Wheelchair totes and hospital bed saddlebags are also useful for similar reasons.

For those going through cancer treatments, a chemotherapy turban or wrap may be appreciated, especially in colder weather.

Items for Pet Shelters

Just as people appreciate the gift of something warm and soft, so would the animals at the local shelter.  Simple blankets can provide for a nice, soft, and warm place for an animal to sleep within a kennel.  Additionally, certain pet toys can also be made with scrap fabric, such as catnip mice or stuffed toys.

Looking for More Ideas?

If you are interested in finding more ways your fabric scraps can help the less fortunate, consider contacting local organizations and finding out if they have specific needs.  Not only can that help inspire your next project, but you will know that the items will definitely be appreciated.

Acts of Kindness

There are various ways in which you can help someone, and you might be surprised at the effect a small act of kindness can have on someone else. The help doesn’t need to be financial; it can be emotional, or even a kind gesture can make a huge difference. You never know what the other person you meet on the street is going through, a simple smile can make their day, or if you want to be really useful, why not help out your neighbor with his lawn? Not only will your bond strengthen, but such acts of kindness are also looked well upon in the eyes of God.

Acts of Kindness

Helping others

One way in which you can help someone is by doing a chore for them, for instance. If you know that a friend of yours is neck deep in work and needs help, offer it to them. Help them out in whichever way possible and don’t expect anything back. You will be surprised at how good a selfless act will make you feel.

Another example would be feeding or clothing the homeless. You don’t even need to find a charity in order to help out a person in need. No matter where you live, there will always be someone less fortunate and in dire need somewhere around you. Buy a warm meal for a homeless person or give clean clothes that are still in good condition for them to wear.

Remember, God is always watching you, and you will be justly rewarded for your good deeds sooner or later. Be as selfless as you possibly can and try and help others out as much as possible. You will feel at peace, and doing good deeds will make you feel better about yourself. But most of all, it will make Him happy.

Even if you don’t have a homeless shelter nearby or live in an affluent area where there are no needy people, you can always do a kind deed by helping out your neighbor, for instance. If someone moves into your neighborhood, try and be friendly and get to know them. If needed, help them move in and help them rearrange their furniture or unpack their things. Do anything that you can to make them feel more comfortable. They will thank you for it, and God will definitely reward you for this act.

Also, if your neighbor is moving out of their home, for example, help them out by contacting a good moving company that can help box and transport their possessions. An example of a moving company that will be able to handle all the stresses of the boxing and transporting of the items is The Box Zone, as they will ensure that all the items reach the desired location in good condition and on time.

These are just some of the hundreds of different examples you will find of doing an act of kindness, and if you want to know more about what to do in order to be a good neighbor, read

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