Teaching your son to be the best Christian man he can be

CHRISTIAN MENWe all grow up and get married, have kids, and pray that they will grow into the best person that they can be. So how do you make sure your son will grow into a god fearing Christian man that can take care of his family in a godly way? Well we lead him by example. One way to do this is to teach him god’s word. Teach him right from wrong. Show him with actions how to treat his wife and kid’s. By raising your children in a church environment with a god fearing lifestyle you can lead your kids in the right direction. Many men are pressured with the task of raising a man to be a hunter, a builder, a provider, and a preacher.




Teach your son to hunt for his food

The way of the world is that you don’t deserve anything you didn’t work for. So teach your son how to hunt for his food, whether it be fishing, hunting, or even doing a hard labor job to get the money to buy his food. This was how they provide the meals to nourish their wife’s and children. If the man didn’t make a kill then his family went hungry. By making his first kill and gutting the animal and using every part that is edible teaches him the way of nature and how god intended the world to be. Provide your son with the best tactical knife so that he can have experiences that show him what a man’s responsibilities are.

Teach your son to build

Teaching your son to build with his won two hands will help your son be able to repair his own property and show him the benefits of hard work and dedication. They need to learn the lesson of hard work, dedication, and responsibility of caring for their property. A man should be able to fix his leaky faucet, or replace the flooring in their house, or even do an oil change in the car or truck. Every man should know how to work on a car or truck. They should also know how to do basic repairs on bicycles, lawn mowers, home repairs, and many other things that go with having a family, a home, and a car.

Teach your son to preach

Teaching your son to preach about Jesus Christ and how he gave his life to wash away our sins is one of the most important steps to becoming a man. A man is the head of the household and he should be a god fearing man, with morals, and values that represent Gods word. Without these values and morals he is living a sinful life. As the head of the household he owes it to his wife and children to represent god in everything he does, to give himself fully to god, and follow the way of the bible. This will ensure that he will have a place in the kingdom of heaven when he passes. His children will look up to him and be raised in the way of the lord and his wife will be proud to call him her husband. This will help the whole family be true Christians and treat others with love, respect, and honesty.

Raise your son right and he will grow into a wonderful man that will make you proud to call him your son.


5 Ways To Keep God In Your Day

RELIGIONWe all get busy with our day-to-day lives. Between family, work and community activities, it can be difficult to take a moment to remember what is so important about faith. Even if we are just taking a moment to say thanks or turn a bad thought into a good one, there are many ways we can incorporate God into our busy schedules and keep our faith strong. Here are five easy tips for keeping God in your day, whether it’s a good one or a bad one.

 1) Morning Prayer

Many people pray at night before bed, but seldom do they wake up and think of God. Try starting your day with a quick prayer of thanks for the morning sun and a chance to excel on this new day. Jump starting your morning with a shot of positive prayer can do wonders for your spirit.

 2) Be Thankful

Whenever you find a moment to pause, think about one thing in your day that has made you thankful. Even if it’s something small like not missing your bus or a kind smile from a co-worker, share your thanks with God for the small miracles in your day. It’s a nice way to remember how the little things count and not to take everyday awesomeness for granted.

 3) Turn a Negative into a Positive

We’ve all had moments when a negative thought slips into our mind. It’s hard to constantly think positive but it really does help to lift your mood if you can catch that negative thought and turn it around into something good. For example, if a co-worker was impatient with you or your classmates excluded you from a project, it’s easy to think something nasty and tell yourself that they aren’t that great anyway and you don’t need them. That is when your thoughts can turn around and instead ask for His strength. As opposed to thinking the person is rude, think of something you like about them and ask for the strength to focus on that. As you can see here, turning a negative into a positive just brightened your day instead of making it worse.

 4) Accept Your Faults and Ask Forgiveness

Try as we might, those negative thoughts may stream in faster than we can stop them. If that’s the case then it may be one of your weaknesses and that’s okay. We all have faults and we all need forgiveness from God to become better people. No one is perfect and He knows that. He is here for us when we need him so accept your fault and seek His forgiveness for what we cannot change. After all, tomorrow is a new day and we can always try again to patch up those weak points and become stronger in faith and in life.

 5) Fill Your Heart with Patience and Love

There are times in everyone’s day where someone tries your patience without even knowing what they’re doing. I could be an aggressive driver on your way to work, a pushy customer at your job or your children not listening to your words of wisdom. Whatever the case may be, take a step back when that happens and breath. Fill your lungs and your heart with good feelings of patience and love. The positivity will be returned to you tenfold more often than not. Don’t let your days wear you down. Envision the Lord and His plan for you and keep smiling. Tomorrow is a new chance to shine.

What should your appearance say about you-and your religion?




What does religion mean to you? How do you see religious men and women and their daily appearance? Appearances can be something very difficult to determine when it comes to certain religions like do you wear makeup, is pants acceptable, and is it acceptable to grow a beard, do you wear your hair up or down? These are all questions many people have questioned themselves about for many years.

Women of faith have always been questioned about why they dress the way they do and whether or not they should wear makeup. Some women believe that to be religious that you must wear skirts and no pants. Some women believe if you wear makeup that you are going against gods wishes. But all of those are judgments by other women and judging someone is a sin to god. So what is the real way a women should dress or how her appearance should be when she is religious? Each religion is different and has their own standards of dress and how to represent yourself to the public. Mormons believe in subtle ways of looking, nothing flashy, and long skirts for the women. The Amish community believe in covering up their heads wearing long dresses and skirts and no makeup. While the Baptist believe that women can wear anything appropriate for public and makeup is no sin. So what do you think about women and their appearance in the religious world?

Some of the questions that we can ask ourselves is what do women in religion do to help themselves look and feel pretty? God tells us not to be vain but we as women still need to feel pretty and look pretty in our day to day lives. One way that women who can’t wear makeup or colorful clothes can help themselves feel pretty is by shaving and one of the best ways to do that is with a top rated epilators. You can usually find them online or at retail stores. But not every religious women has the option to purchase things from online or retail stores so there best option would be try something else. Other ways to help yourself feel and look pretty is by doing your hair. Hair is a way to express yourself without going against the code or rules of your religious beliefs. Many women grow their hair out really long and the longer your hair the prettier you are considered to be. In some religions the men grow their beards out when married instead of wearing wedding rings. This is a show of status in the community for men. Even though the bible states that vanity is a sin men and women pride themselves on their hair and their stature in the religious communities they are in.

Religion is a very tricky subject for some people and many people are confused about how they are supposed to act or appear to the outside public. Even though the bible gives you guidelines to live by some people and religions assess the words in the bible differently to fit their perception of how they should look, feel, act, and be in their community. But what it all boils down to is what is acceptable in your religious community and how appropriate you feel inside yourself.


How God’s Work Is In Everything

Doing god’s work doesn’t always mean working in a church. Sometimes it means working with children as a teacher and sometimes it means working in the medical field. Sometimes you may be working in a field of study and not realize that you are working for gods greater good. God is in everything we do. Imagine when we hold the door for someone, or when we let the little old lady take our cab, and especially when we help those that are hurt or in need that you are doing something that was spoken to you by god. This world is a better place for people like this, the ones that do good deeds just to be helpful. God has a hand in everything we do and everything we do reflects on our character. Here are a couple career choices that can be viewed as gods work. He specially picks the very best people to do these jobs so that you know you are under gods care when they are taking care of you.

Medicine Field

The medicine field includes Doctors, nurses, pharmacist workers, and phlebotomy. You can go to school for all of these careers, some schooling requires years and some only months. Phlebotomy is a field that you can get into in a few short months. By doing a little research you can find classes for phlebotomy online for any town. Say for instance you’re in Houston, TX, then you would look up the directory of phlebotomy classes in Houston, Texas on google and you will find a long list of classes. But if you’re not interested in phlebotomy or you have more time for schooling you can become a nurse or Doctor. God touches those who help others with the power to save a life.


Teaching Field

Teachers are blessed with the ability to calmly and politely teach a child or adult with patience and knowledge. Teachers go to school for many years and once they get their degrees they continue to go to school to further their education so that they can continue to teach the minds of little kids and adults. Teaching is a calling from god telling you that you are meant for great things. Helping a child to learn how to read and write can be so rewarding, but imagine helping an adult learn to read or write. Not only is it rewarding but you feel like you have opened a whole new world to an adult that they never knew existed. You can help them further their careers and provide for their families and that in itself is a blessing.

These are just a couple of the career fields that are touched by god. When you become a teacher, a Doctor, a nurse, or any other occupation in those fields you are being called to touch lives. It’s a blessing to be able to save a life or teach someone to read. Making the world a better place for all is like working closely with god by your side to benefit the greater good and produce a much healthier and wonderful world.


4 Church Activities to Spread the Word

word of godChurches have discovered that the best way to spread the word of God is to do so through activities which are fun and educating. The same approach is used in schools to help students understand the message and continue to return again and again. As a pillar in the community, the church should focus on bringing people in and sharing the good word with them. The best way to achieve this is with family friendly church activities that offer food, fun and entertainment for a few hours. Here are six ideas for your church to get the ball rolling.

All-Nighter – The Word of Life Superbowl is one of the most popular religious events in the United States. Each year thousands of people attend these all night events that include concerts, fellowship, athletic events, food and fun. And each year the founders of the event are proud of the mass number of people who turn their hearts to the Lord and find his salvation. Check with the organization to find an event near you. Church coordinators then invite parents and youth to partake in the event. You can rent a bus or have multiple volunteer drivers that chaperone the children for the event. It truly is a night to remember.

Family Movie Night – The recreation center of any church is perfect for a family movie night. Choose a Christian favorite that will spread the word for you. Ask for a small donation of $1 to $5 to help offset the cost of food. Use a movie projector to display the film on a wall if you do not have a large projection screen. Offer plenty of free food and beverages for your attendees. You should always start the night with fellowship. For an extra edge, allow the fellowship to be led by some of the youth in your ministry.

Bicycle Treasure Hunt – Put bible knowledge to the test with a Bicycle Treasure Hunt. This activities is fairly simple. Choose a part of town where there are several church going families. Everyone starts at one point and follows clues to get to the next location. You can make it interesting by having each person who has the clue hand out a puzzle piece. When all pieces of the puzzle are collected, it must be put together. The first team to complete the puzzle will win a prize. This is a great event that brings the community together. For more information, click here.

Concert and Game Night – Christian music today is designed to be catchy and desirable to listen to. This is why many popular Christian songs start to appear on secular radio stations. The best part about religious groups is that they are rarely hung up on only performing to large venues. Christian musicians want to spread the word of God to each and every person through their music. Invite your favorite group to perform at your church and invite the community. You can start the night with games to allow the guests to mingle with each other and get to know the word of God and the musical act for the night.

Is it okay for Christian women to wear make-up?

200334975-001Many young Christian women today will eventually ask themselves this question, “Is it okay in the eyes of God for me to wear make-up?” It is a tough question for Christian women. There are many verses in the Bible that strongly suggest women who cake on their make-up and wear flashy jewelry are promoting sin by encouraging lust. Though this is very true, the Bible also states that women should simply use moderation when they are adorning themselves, the Bible does not expressly forbid it! I am sure God wants you to feel good about yourself and to feel beautiful but the key is modesty.

Many young girls today are interested in learning to become a makeup artist, or study cosmetology, and they experience little to no discomfort over the matter, but for the devout Christian woman this can be a very difficult decision. If you wanted to pursue an education in fashion or cosmetology, just make sure that you go forth with Godliness and good intention in your heart and teach other young women how to enhance their beauty modestly and in a way that is not offensive to God. In fact, we need more women willing to light the way for young girls these days and show them that beauty isn’t always about sex or vanity, beauty is not just about your outer looks but it is in fact mostly if not entirely about your inner self. Go forth and teach young women how to respect themselves on the inside, and to express themselves modestly on the outside. This will no doubt please God, especially in today’s society where lust and vanity is everywhere we turn. It feels impossible to escape!

Remember, God knows your heart and he knows your true intentions. Pursue beauty not for lust or envy but with the intention of enhancing the softness of your personality and the love in your heart. Use modest natural colors to bring out the glow of your God given features, make yourself look more loving and approachable. Do not go forth with the intention of looking like a Jezebel!

Find a healthy way to express your beauty, without giving into vanity, lust or envy. To be envious of another woman’s beauty, say in a magazine or on television, can often make a young impressionable woman copy that style without considering what God thinks about the matter. Women also do their make-up often with the intention of sexually attracting a mate and this quite simply promotes lust which we must avoid. You should seek love, kindness and acceptance in a partner, and attract them with those qualities as well. Do not use your looks to manipulate a man into wanting to be your partner.

Vanity and pride can also be two very big motivating factors in why a woman would want to wear make-up so. Be very mindful of these things and always keep modesty in mind.

Always in your heart seek to please God first and foremost. You will not be led astray if your intentions are pure.

How to Keep a Clean Soul

RELIGION PHOTO is a site devoted to God, the church, and helping you feel closer to our lord. They have all different kinds of information and topics that they discuss openly. They try to help you to stay on the right path and ensure a meaningful existence and a relationship between you and God. Their goal is to make sure everyone who wants to be close to God can be and to help people live life in a way that God would approve of. No one is perfect but when it comes to religious dilemmas and questions about what is right you have a place to go to get some answers and some more information on what is right and where the lines are, which can be quite the tricky topic these days. It is getting harder and harder to know what is right and what is wrong.  Here they answer questions that may be a challenge for you in today’s new world.

In this modern world people are moving further and further from God. They don’t know if working out counts as vanity and if it is okay to do so on a Sunday, the day of rest. With all of these complex issues that are now less black and white than they once were there has to be a place to go and learn what is considered right these days and what is still against the rules. This site has all of that and more. They have the answers to these questions and they ensure that you know what you’re allowed to do and what is not allowed. This site helps to make things more clear and explains what is and is not acceptable, today and forever.

They talk about the environment and how the church is involved in its protection, the dilemmas that the church faces about getting involved in certain issues, the outcome of some of those struggles and even about grants for schools and how to apply for them. They discuss a myriad of topics that can help you with your journey to God and help you to live a life that is filled with his love and support. There are also things to do and places to go to feel closer to him. All of those secrets can be unlocked here. This site can help guide you through the world of sin that we live in today and keep you from falling off of the path to God.

It is not only important to be clean in the metaphorical sense either. You can be a man or woman of God and follow all of the rules and live life with a clean soul but what about your home. Living a clean life does not apply just to your everlasting soul but to all aspects of life. It is important to have an organized home as well. A chaotic environment makes it much more difficult to be clear headed and have an open heart.

The phrase cleanliness is next to Godliness is said for a reason. Your life is reflected by your surrounds and vice versa . If you need a new vacuum than Jane’s Best Vacuum’s is the place to go to get a great one, especially if you are looking for the best vacuum for pet hair. Hardwood floors can be so hard to get clean. Sweeping never really gets the job done right. You always end up with that bit of dirt that won’t go into the dust pan. Jane’s also carries some of the best vacuums for hardwood floors.

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