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Music and Faith | A Match Made in Heaven

The idea that music and faith go hand-in-hand is not a new one.  Whether it is enjoying the choir at your local house of worship, singing along through select hymns, or enjoying your favorite faith-oriented bands on the radio, the joy of music and faith can help elevate your spirit to new heights, and may provide other benefits as well.

Both music and faith have been shown to provide a variety of benefits to people across all ages and walks of life.  If you were looking for a reason to bring more of each into your life, consider these points.

Music and Faith | A Match Made in Heaven

Benefits of Faith

Recent research has found that going to church may not only be beneficial for the soul, but can also be beneficial for the body.  Regularly attending religious services has been found to potentially boost the immune system, and can decrease blood pressure.  Some even say it may extend your life by up to three years.

The reasons for these benefits are not entirely known, in a scientific sense.  One source is the sense of support one feels from belonging to a connected community.  Not only can this help people feel more integrated with those in attendance, it can also provide benefits in knowing where to turn when you are experiencing times of stress or hardship.

Churchgoers are also less likely to participate in certain vices, such as drinking or smoking, when compared to the average population.  This can lead to a greater level of overall health, in comparison, as you may be less likely to take part in activities or habits that can put your health at risk.

Benefits of Music

Music has also been shown to have a positive effect on the body.  It can help ease pain, especially when faced with a physically challenging activity.  Those who listen to classical music while going to sleep may experience less insomnia, and soft music may even help you eat less by encouraging you to move more slowly.

Stress reduction is a widely researched benefit, and some may even use it to help induce a state of meditation or relieve symptoms of depression.  In fact, you can use music to elevate your mood and reduce your overall level of anxiety.  Some surgical centers even use music to help patients relax prior to their procedures.

Music has the ability to raise your spirits, energize you physically, and help you wind down, depending on what kind of music is chosen.  This can make it a very powerful addition to anyone’s life.

Bring the Benefits in Your Life

If you are looking to experience more of the benefits of your faith and music, consider giving yourself more opportunities to experience both.  A quality sound system from Stereochamp can help you bring high quality music into your home and vehicle.  By focusing your playlist on music with a positive message, including those focused on faith, you can bring the benefits of both into a single space.

You can even share the experience with other members of your family, as well as friends and members of your congregation.  Think of all of the places that could benefit from some background music with a message everyone can get behind, and see if you can bring it all together.  You may thank yourself for it in the end.

Music in the Christian World

music and religionMusic is a big part of the Christian world and many musicians that are in church bands play musical instruments such as guitars, drums, other musical instruments that are associated with Christian music. Lots of music associated with Christians has tambourines, drums, guitars, pianos, and keyboards. Many guitarists are always looking for the best guitar to play for their church services. Not every Christian church believes in musical instruments so the use of musical instruments is decided upon by the church. Each Pastor has the choice to choose how he wants to conduct the music for worship. Some of them choose to use instruments, some use hymns, some even use DVD or video music. But others choose to use vocal worship instead of instrumental worship. With vocal worship the whole congregation sings songs about worship and praise. This makes the vocal acoustics vibrate through the church sanctuary and sounds so melodious. When you add instruments to the vocal worship music it produces a much more harmonious sound and adds rhythm to the music. Music is the universal language that everyone understands. In praise and worship it is a great way to start the service.

Resonator Guitar

One such great guitar is a resonator guitar. Resonator guitars are perfectly tuned, mesmerizing pie plate guitars, and that has 6 strings. It is an acoustic guitar that produces sound by one or more metal cones instead of a wood sound board like the original acoustic. The most notable sound they connect with is Bluegrass or Blues. This type of guitar provides a great sound for different types of music making it a unique purchase.

Bass Guitar

Bass guitar is similar to an electric guitar but with a longer neck and has four to six strings. The most popular bass is the four string guitar. Similar to the electric guitar the bass guitar is plugged into an amplifier. Since the 60’s the bass guitar has replaced the double bass in lots of music genres.

Electric Guitar

Electric Guitar is another type of guitar that can be used in making great gospel music. With an electric guitar you are hooked up to an amplifier and use pickups to transfer the vibrations of the strings into electrical impulses. Electric guitars need amplifiers and speakers to produce a sound that is a vibration. This sound is unique and all its own.

Acoustic Guitar

An Acoustic Guitar is an instrument that only uses acoustic sound instead of electric sound. This means it transmits the vibrations into the air to produce the sound. The sound depends on the string length, mass, and tension. An acoustic guitar is not one that is hooked to an amplifier or speaker.

Guitars are a major part of music making, they create the sound that most music revolves around. The drums is the beat, but the guitar is the melody that makes the sound smooth and dramatic depending on the genre of music. With Christian music you want to sound like your praising the lord with your glorious sounds from the instruments and the words of praise from the singers.


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