The Miracles of Christ in Restoring Eyesight

Christ in Restoring EyesightOur eyesight is one of the most important things that we possess, as without it we cannot live our lives to the fullest. That goes for all of our senses, and not just our sense of sight. Without any of our senses, we will not be able to enjoy life for what it truly is. We will be able to live without either of our senses, but in order to live to the fullest, each and every single sense given to us by God is to be thanked for. Those without either of their senses know its value, and there have been various instances in the Bible itself where Jesus Himself healed the sick and restored the sense of sight to those who did not have it, all of whom were grateful to Him for it.

Christ’s miracles

Our savior used different methods in 4 different incidences in order to restore sight. The 4 miracles that involved the blind describe a different method that He used in order to cure them, and these methods vary depending on the condition of the individual. The one thing that was kept constant was the fact that He healed them through touch.

In Mark 10:46-52, in order to heal Bartimaeus and 2 other men, Jesus simply touched their eyes. In another incident that was described in Mark 8:22-26, He spat on the eyes of the blind man and then put His hands over the blind man’s eyes. However, the man’s blindness does not heal completely, and so, Christ laid His hands on the man’s eyes again, which finally restored the man’s eyesight completely. The incident described in John 9:1-41 is different yet again, as Christ first spat on the ground in order to make clay, which He then put on the eyes of the man and told him to wash off in the Siloam pool.

John 6:28-29, on the other hand, talks about how Jesus healed the people and fed them so that they would believe in the miracles and the blessings of God. All of these incidences show how Jesus made miracles happen and how He restored people of their eyesight. This, in turn, goes to show just how blessed many of us are to be able to have a good vision, and just how we should be thanking God all the time for it.

Healing in the modern world

Unfortunately, the modern world does not have the answer for many of the illnesses that people suffer from, but it does, however, have solutions for many others, all of which are accessible. For those living in Austin, visit an Austin optometrist regularly to ensure that your vision is okay. That said, never forget that healing and prayers go hand in hand, and that believing and praying can also go a long way in healing you when you’re ill or suffering from something that cannot be easily cured. Always have faith that God has a plan for you and never lose hope.

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