It’s back to school time.  Do you think both public and parochial schools should wear uniforms?

uniformsThe commercials are out as of the beginning of this month.  Shops everywhere are starting to advertise their ‘back to school wares’ on every other commercial on TV and even on the radio.  Kids getting ready to head back to school are already being inundated with what’s “in style” and “must haves” in order to look cool going back to school.  What if everybody looked the same?  Wore the same thing?  I’m not talking about how some public schools have added khaki tan bottoms and white or navy shirts to their uniform code as that has all gotten out of hand with skinny khaki’s and designer tops and short skirts that barely fall into the new code they have.

I’m talking about wearing the same button down white shirt, plaid skirt at the same length for girls, tan slacks for guys, supplied to the school through a real uniform company and not Old Navy so that there was no competition at all.  Everyone was equal when it came to a uniform code.  Do you think that is a good idea?

This all came about while watching TV and seeing all these back to school commercials with brand name sneakers and short skirts and t-shirts with all sorts of pictures from Jimmy Hendricks to I Love Nike pictured on them and the thought came about.  Not everyone can afford to get the top of the list clothes for the year.  It becomes who has the most and the best competition to say the least.  What about those kids at school who’s families can’t afford all the new latest and greatest outfits.  Is that what we’re trying to impress on kids at such an impressionable age?

Uniforms that are standard in all ways for all students would cut out competition and make it fair all the way around.  Speaking of keeping it fair, that doesn’t apply to protein shakes, women and men are separate here  However back to fair, the prices are more affordable and some schools in parochial districts have programs to help those who have a hard time financing the uniforms get uniforms for little or no money.  That way you don’t know who you are sitting next to.  The son of a doctor or the daughter of a waitress.  It’s all on the same level.

Is this something you’ve ever thought of?  I think that of course, kids want the wardrobe of choice and not the uniform.  Save that for the weekends when you’re out with your friends.  At school though keep it on a base line where everyone is equal when it comes to clothes too.  Shoes included.  Almost especially shoes after seeing some of the styles that have been surfacing in all these back to school clothes commercials.

Would you be for or against uniforms?  Are you a parent considering it or a student in school?  It’s back to school time, the kids aren’t even in their desks as of yet and the pressure is already on them.  What do you think is best for the kids, and what do you think is best for school systems?  Think about that while you watch the next back to school commercial.


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