Welding: A Great Opportunity to Commune with the Lord

When you are at church it is easy to commune with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. You are in their house, and you probably feel that it is much easier to connect with them. But what if you aren’t in the house of God? The bible has said that God is everywhere you are, so if He is, wouldn’t it be easier just as easy to commune with him?

The answer is yes, it is just as easy to commune with the lord as it is in church. The thing is, instead of praising him with a group of people, you are praising him by yourself, and thus you need to use a different method of praise. The best way that many Christians have found to praise God outside of a church is to take up a hobby where you have plenty of time to think.

One hobby that a few Christians have taken up that has given them a chance to commune with God is welding. Welding requires intense concentration, and because of that, interaction with other people will be at a minimum. This produces the best conditions for communing with the Lord. If you decide to make welding the way you communicate with God, here are a few tips to help you.

Give Yourself time to Get in the Zone

As mentioned earlier, welding takes a great deal of concentration. When you are first starting, you need to focus on what you are doing so you are able to perform your job correctly and so you won’t hurt yourself. Before you attempt to start communing with God, you need to make sure that you have everything under control. Sometimes thinking about something else while you are engaged in an activity can take your attention away from it. So you need to make sure this won’t happen, especially in welding.

The last couple of sentences were just a warning. You can still easily commune with God when you are welding, you just need to make sure you have everything under control. This is easy to do once you have the basics of welding down and you are “in the zone” where welding becomes second nature while you’re working.

Start out with a Prayer

This is an important part of the process. Before you begin welding, start out with a prayer. This not only helps communing with God easier, since prayer is a way to start your conversation with Him, but it also helps clear your mind so that you can focus on Him and Welding much more easily.

Know the Right Times to talk to Him

As you get started, you will figure out the easiest times to talk to the Lord when you are welding. This will usually be when you have an easy task to perform. Some of these tasks include checking on your equipment and using an IR thermometer to check if your surface is getting hot enough. As an aside, it is very important to have a good thermometer. You need to make sure  you do your research to find the best infrared thermometers for your welding needs.

Welding is a great hobby, or even job, that you can do to get in touch with the Lord. Follow these simple tips, and tips from other experienced welders, and you will find that this is a very relaxing and spiritual way to talk to God.

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