Why Cycling Is Great For Christians

God loves it when His children enjoy His wonderful creations.  Throughout the Bible you will see examples of how God is trying to get his people to go out and experience the world.  In 1 Thessalonians 5:21 He says “but test them all; hold on to what is good,”.  God promotes going out and exploring because it is only through traveling and exploring that you can reach other people to inform them of God’s love.  God also loves healthy bodies and constantly reminds us to stick to healthy meals throughout the Bible.  Cycling is a great hobby that Christians should definitely consider because it promotes exploring and great health at the same time.

Why Cycling Is Great For Christians

Why specifically cycling?

Cycling is the one sport that you can enjoy anywhere and it is also the one sport or activity that the entire family can enjoy together.  It is healthy for your body and mind and your entire family can take a quick cycling trip after a long day at the office and school or you can go on a long cycling expedition which involves mountain biking, picnicking and swimming to strengthen family bonds.

Get the best cycling gear

A good quality mountain bike is the best investment that Christians can make when they want to be healthier and more adventurous.  Mountain bikes are great for on and off road adventures and are some of the easiest bikes to control and repair.  With a mountain bike you can enjoy an average cycling afternoon or embark on a great mountain trail journey.  It is the most flexible bike on the market and a definite must for families who love to explore.  Have a look at the best cheap mountain bike reviews so you can find the most suitable bike for your budget and for your personal style.  These reviews are perfect for people who aren’t that clued up on sports gear because all the top features about the different bikes are listed so you and your family can get the best possible bikes.

Health benefits of cycling

Cycling is great exercise.  The paddling promotes great muscle build and tone in legs and is fantastic for developing leg muscles in kids.  You can choose to build muscles with your bike by setting it on a difficult paddling level or you can simply enjoy a leaner body and healthier heart by using your mountain bike as a cardio workout.  When you cycle you get to enjoy plenty of fresh air which is great for your body and for your mind.

Mental benefits of cycling

Cycling is great for families because it gets them out of the house and away from the couch and TV.  The fresh air is good for stimulating brain activity and the scenery of landscapes and biking trails are always great for reducing stress and for helping kids reset their minds from technology.  When you cycle you get to explore a lot more of God’s natural world and all the wonderful nature scenes are sure to calm you and improve your mental state.

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