Why Oak Floors Are Perfect For Christian Homes

Your flooring type probably has absolutely nothing to do with your religion.  Any type of floor is suitable for your Christian home because it probably won’t make a difference in your choices or in how close you re to God.  You are probably going to kneel just as much on any other floor during prayers as you would on oak floors.  But if you are planning on transforming or remodeling your home’s floors then oak floors is probably the best type of floor to indicate Christianity.  There are plenty of texts in the bible that indicate that Jesus was a carpenter and this alone is a great reason to support natural wood products. Oak floors are also great for Christian homes because the natural wood preserves the nature that God loves so much and created to such perfection.  By bringing nature into your home, your home gets a holistic and antique feel that only true oak floors can give.  The feel and look of natural oak floors is something that can never be explained and is sure to make your home feel a lot more exquisite and warm.

Why Oak Floors Are Perfect For Christian Homes

Types of oak flooring

Natural oak wood has a light caramel color that differentiates from tree to tree.  But when the wood is being processed it is often stained which makes it possible for you to choose from different colors and shades of oak when you are planning on getting your floors remodeled.  The types of oak flooring you can get for your home includes;

White Oak Flooring – White oak is currently the most popular flooring color since lighter homes and whitewashed walls seems to be the in thing when it comes to home fashion at present.

Red Oak FlooringRed oak flooring gives you a much more natural look and will give your home a much warmer and cozier vibe which is terrific for receiving guests and for using your home as a prayer get together.

Engineered Oak Flooring – These floors are created by placing two or more planks together instead of single panels.  They are much more affordable since smaller wood pieces are needed.

Unfinished Oak Flooring – These types of floors are completely natural in color since they have not been stained and they have no finishes such as gloss topped over the natural wood.

Prefinished Oak Flooring – These floors are sanded and finished before installation and is often much more durable.

Why oak floors are terrific for personal health

Allergies and asthma free – Carpets are difficult to clean and a lot of dust, dirt, germs and dust mites live and get caught up in carpets which cause allergies and sinus problems.  If you switch from carpets to oak you and your family will be a lot healthier.

Durable – The oak floors are incredibly durable so you won’t have to suffer through difficult renovations every other year which means a lot less stress about money and about the renovation process.

Cleaner – Oak floors are incredibly easy to clean and they look beautiful with minimal care.  Your family will be much more hygienic and germ free.

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