Faith in Tragedy

The year was 2000. John was living with his sister. He had been kicked out by his parents and his sister came back from her home in South Florida to ensure that he could move out of his truck and into a home. She even bought a house after the initial apartment was simply too small for the two of them. That’s not to mention the fact the sink stopped working and they had to do the dishes in the bathtub. John had no idea that he was about to learn how to have faith in tragedy.

The car accident came at the worst time. Though, of course, car accidents are never welcome. Thankfully, he wasn’t hit by a semi, and in fact, there was no other car involved. It was just John, his ex-girlfriend and his soon-to-be-sorry-good-for-nothing BFF in the cab of the 1970 Chevy pickup truck. Shockingly, they had been sober. There was no car accident lawyer employed, though the blown-up tires surely warranted one.

Faith in Tragedy

The Accident

John was driving his beloved blue pickup down a straight away. All was going as it should when suddenly a tire blew. It was during that time in which there was a recall on tires, the kind he had on his truck, and he lost control. The truck slammed into an orange tree, sheared off the gas cap (which was located behind the driver’s door), and ignited. His BFF and ex climbed through the window leaving him in the car to burn. Learn more.

Praise God, there was a man who came to his rescue, pulling him out the shattered windshield by his belt. He lay burning on the ground, writhing in pain. The ambulance came, and his BFF called his sister. When she arrived at the hospital, she swears if she’d been asked to identify the body she would have been unable to. John was charred and swollen. He did not look like the brother she’d loved enough to move for.

The Hospital

John’s left arm was so burned it reminded her of the main character in the Tales from the Crypt show. They ultimately had to cut half of it off. His burns covered 50% of his body and those areas that had been untouched by the flames were marred by the surgeon’s knife, utilized as skin graft donor spots. Read more about skin grafts.

The coma lasted for months. His sister was not sure he would live and if he did, whether or not he would want to once he saw a mirror. This was a tragedy of the utmost proportion. But he did live, and when he awoke, he was a different man. The vanity that had often created arrogance in him was gone. One might have considered him a shell of his former self.

The Lesson

“John,” she asked him one day, as she held his hand, “are you ok?” The answer was obvious, but she needed to know how he saw things. “No,” he answered honestly, “but God didn’t let me die, so I must have a reason to be here.” A tear trickled down her cheek, it matched the one on his. “Yes,” she told him, with complete conviction, “He’s got a purpose for you. That’s why you’re still here.”

Since the accident, John has volunteered to help burned kids at summer camps. He has fathered a gorgeous blonde haired blue eyed little girl, and remains an inspiration to his family. There can be faith in tragedy, if you believe that God is always in control and He loves you! Click this for more information.

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