Importance of Bookkeeping in Churches

Although not classified as a commercial business, churches face a lot of financial concerns. They have donations to manage, funds to organize, money to give, and properties to protect. And often, only the church treasurer handles all these concerns because he or she’s the only one who has some experience in accounting. The leader and members of the church then expect the church treasurer to handle all the church finances properly, even though he or she may have only little knowledge about accounting and bookkeeping.

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But as a leader or member of the church, you must realize that without giving much thought about your church finances may put your church in financial difficulties and struggle. While church financial transactions are not as complicated as business transactions, it is crucial for churches to manage their funds properly to be able to continue their operation. Many people are unaware that a lot of congregations have already been shut down due to the mishandling of their finances. And I’m pretty sure that you don’t want that to happen to your own church. Well, while it’s okay to have your own church treasurer, you must not give him or her all the financial obligations of your church. It is important to also delegate some tasks to other members, or much better hire someone who is much capable in handling accounting stuff. Here are the benefits of hiring a professional bookkeeper:

Compliance with the government laws

Like commercial businesses, churches must also comply with the laws set in place by the government authorities. They must pay their employees regularly and appropriately, as well as face their tax responsibilities. Some churches fail to comply with the government rules because of a lot of issues – and the results are devastating. Isn’t it important for churches to be a good example for their members? Professional bookkeepers make sure that your organization is complying with the law. They help you manage your church’s finances and ensure that your records are up-to-date and accurate.

Help grow and protect your church.

Almost certainly, there will come a time that your church expands – acquiring new members, involving in a business activity to gain more revenues, and enhancing your church reach. Of course, this is a good thing for any organization. But also remember that as your church expands, your church responsibility also increases. Failure to take responsibility will lead to church failure. Professional bookkeepers know how to handle growing funds. Their training and knowledge in the field of accounting will help you ensure that your funds are handled properly. They also ensure that all your church’s records are securely protected, preventing unauthorized people from accessing them.

Help make sound financial decision.

Dealing with finances can be quite confusing. If your treasurer does not have enough knowledge and training, he or she may provide faulty information, which can lead to incorrect decisions. Professional bookkeepers help you deal with your financial records, no matter how complicated they are, and ensure that every information they provide are accurate and correct.

Financial statements show the true condition of your church. A financially healthy church makes all your members happier, more motivated to give, and more encouraged to acquire new members.

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