Living in God

How to Make Decisions with God By Your Side

There are a lot of things that we have to decide on every day. The small decisions that we make are usually so natural that we do not notice that we are making a lot of decisions already. There are also some major decisions that you have to make when it comes to your business and your career.

Are you contemplating about changing your career but you do not know what to do about it? You know that the change you are going to do may have some advantages and disadvantages but you are torn whether you are going to continue with it or not. Remember that you are not alone. A lot of people all over the world are also experiencing the same situation. The choices you may have are different from theirs but the feeling may be the same.

The career that you have right now lets you spend more time with your family and the new one will take a few more hours of your time. You may fear that you will not be able to monitor them and what they are doing anymore but the use of the right tools can help you. The Refog Keylogger Software will ultimately help you in monitoring your children’s Internet activities.

How to Make Decisions with God By Your Side

If in case you do not know what you are supposed to do anymore, you can turn to God in order to help you in making decisions. There are some things that you ought to do and remember in order to make the right choices:

  • God will not force you to have a career that you do not want. The career that you are going to have will depend entirely on you. You are not being forced to become an accountant or a banker unless this is the type of profession that you want.
  • God will remind you that with all the choices that you are going to make, you need to choose something that is moral and will not degrade you and the people around you in any way. The career that you choose should have a good effect in society in general. You are working not only to earn money but to offer the type of help other people need.
  • God will allow you to take risks. You have to remember that you are created by God in his own image and likeness which means that you will be able to take it if in case you experience failure. When you take more risks, there is a possibility of having better returns. You will reap more benefits in the long run.
  • God knows how much you need your career in order to live your mortal life well but the center of your life should still be God. You should develop an intimate relationship with Him so that you will be properly guided with the other decisions you are going to make.

Remember that you can always follow God and you can always take him into consideration when you are making career decisions.

Permitting God to Come Into Your Life

It has been said before that before you will be allowed to enter the gates of heaven, you need to be prepared. You need to know how to properly live your life here on Earth. In the modern world that we live in right now, a lot of people have the tendency to forget about God and all of the things that he did in order to make the world exist. We have forgotten that it was He who created us so we should make the most out of the time that was given to us here. You need to know how you can permit God to come into your life.

Just imagine the type of effort that you have done so that you can get your Florida driver’s permit.This is probably the same thing that you can do in order to let God come into your life although admittedly, you may have to do more. The first step is always to accept God into your life. If you have not gone to church for a long time, perhaps now is the time for you to do so. You need to hear the words of God again.

Permitting God to Come Into Your Life

Here are other things that you can do so that you can get permit the love of God to centre your life again:

  1. Admit that you have sinned and voice out your desire to repent.

Being a sinner is expected from human beings because there are some situations wherein human beings cannot help but make mistakes. You are not perfect and you have to admit that what matters is that you recognize the wrong things that you have done and you are more than willing to apologize for those things and go back to God. Of course, once you have apologized for your sins, you are not supposed to do them again.

  1. Have more time in order to pray.

One of the misconceptions of people about prayer is they assume that this is something that you do in order to make your wishes come true but actually, when you pray, you are talking with God. You can spend time to pray and talk to God from time to time so that the things that you are going through will be clearer to you. You need to understand his works and ways so that you can live a better life from what you intended it to be.

  1. Read the Bible.

If you have a lot of time to do different things, you also have time to read the Bible. When you do this, you are learning more not only about God but also about Jesus Christ. You learn more about the things that He has done for humans and you will understand Him better. It will be like getting to know someone well.

Of course, the details that are mentioned above are not enough to permit God to come into your life. You have to do changes within yourself too so that you are worthy to accept Him.

The Advantages of Believing in God

Do you believe in God? All over the world, a lot of people believe in something. They may call their supreme being God, Allah, Buddha or even any other name but no matter what, the fact remains that there is something that people can believe in.

The Advantages of Believing in God

Some people cannot help but ask if this is necessarily a good thing but right now, you have to remember that there are some advantages that you can get when you believe in God. If you would need to strengthen your faith in God or you are searching for that one thing that you feel is missing in your life, this may be just the right thing that you need.

  1. You believe that your sins are forgiven.

There will be instances when you will make some sins that you did not mean to do. You have to remember that when you believe in God, you know that you can repent your sins and you will still be forgiven. This will help you have a lighter conscience because you are lifting up the things that are troubling you to God.

  1. You may feel more at peace.

There are always a lot of things that may be troubling you and this may be related to the different things that you are doing. You may be having a hard time keeping up with your tasks or you may be having a hard time trying to balance your life at home and in the office. If you would tell God about it, there is a chance that God will give you peace of mind because you will be reminded that everything happens for a reason. You may begin to have less trouble because of this.

  1. You become inspired.

There are times when you may become inspired to do some things. For instance, you may feel that you would want to do things that you have never done before because you know that with God’s help, you will be able to accomplish those things. If you are thinking about starting your own blog, you may find what you are searching for with You will surely know what you are searching for.

  1. You will know that you will live forever.

You have to remember that even though your physical body will not last for all eternity, believing in God will help you believe in forever because you know that the moment that you pass on, you will be on your way to achieving eternal life which is of course, something that you will not experience when you are here on earth. Being able to live forever may be just a dream but you know that with God, this is possible.

  1. You will have a chance to start a new life.

If you have just discovered Christ again, you know that now is your chance to live your life again. Now is your chance to live your life better than before and you will be rewarded because of this?

With all of these details in mind, you can be sure that you will be able to live a happy life that you have always dreamed of having.

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