Top 20 Christian Sites

There are wonderful Christian sites that help Christians build their faith on a daily basis. If you would like to spread the beauty and love that Christians have, as well as get new inspiration and insights then make sure you check the top 20 Christian sites below.

Daily Devotions – A Few Moments With God

Biblical devotions that come in a daily basis. They are intelligent, funny and most of the time quite useful for our daily lives.

Heavens Inspirations

Christian Worship Songs for Church and poetry makes this site quite an interesting source of material. The site is very organized and has everything to please!

Inspirational Messages,Poems, Stories, Humor, Quotes, Cartoons

With more than 5,000 Christian and Inspirational web pages that include wonderful Poems, Messages, Stories, Quotes, Humor, and Cartoons.New content on a daily basis.

Audio Bible Online

Audio Bibles in the most famous voices including the voice of as Alexander Scourby.

Junkyard Jokes

Although the site’s title seems quite strange for a Christian site, there is nothing to fear. This site has funny jokes, inspirational stories and much more.

God’s Little Acre

This beautiful site has , spiritual growth poems and stories, Christian humor, words of wisdom, prayer suggestions and much more.

Annie’s Home Page

With pages that were written from a Christian Perspective, this site has a little bit of everything: from helpful words to beautiful testimonials. This is the right place to get a word from God.

A great plan that helps people read the complete Bible in 52 days! Very interesting for those who seek to be in contact with God on a daily basis.

Peggie’s Place!

Christian resource for those who want music, stories and beautiful testimonials. Perfect for everyone!

Me amas?

A great Christian resource for the Spanish speaking.

The Back Pew

A Christian Cartoon Place, filled with high quality cartoons, jokes, humor.

All Christians Should Die at Least Twice

Let this site help you overcome the fears of death and understand why it is needed.

Barbara’s Entourage

God, Family & Friends inspired Christian website with thousands of very interesting website links.

Bible Teachings

Teachings from the Bible and beautiful poems.

Focus on Jerusalem

News related to the new prophecies and much more.

Cherbear’s Den

Christian children’s book author and illustrator shares his knowledge on the subject. Amazing source for those who would like to show children the wonders of God.

In the Light of Angels

Submit prayers requests, read testimonials and find a whole community dedicated to the cause.


La Pagina de la Bendicion

A beautiful source of inspiration texts, stories, testimonials and so on. This is dedicated to the Spanish Speakers.

EZ Read Bible

You can read several different Bible versions on this flexible and very interesting site.

God’s Mercy and Grace

A wonderful site that aims at spreading the Word of God, preach the Gospel message, offer teaching on various biblical subjects and offer other biblical resources for people of all ages and nationalities.
If you would like to read more about the nicest Christian sites available on the web today make sure you check the following link

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