How to volunteer with the elderly in a godly way

VOLUNTEERThere are millions off elderly that have no one to help them with getting to the doctor or to the pharmacy to pick up their prescriptions. But one thing that no one ever thinks about when it comes to the elderly is how do they clean up their houses? Many elderly are unable to do basic maintenance on their home such as sweeping and moping the floors and cleaning out the fridge. But there are ways to help out with this problem. By looking for tenancy cleaning in London you can find many services that will cater to the elder and there needs for a cleaning service. One way to get closer to God is to help the elderly. Lots of elderly have no one to take care of them and really need to be taken care of. Some of them are trying to live on their own but have no means of transportation and are getting very sick from old age. They need the help that a family would provide but not all elderly have family to help them and there are a lot of elderly that are shut in’s and can’t get out of the house due to medical reasons or other issues. We should all help those that need it the most so that we can show them that they are still important and loved.

By helping the elderly with their grocery shopping, their cleaning, and their pharmacy needs you are truly living God’s word of love one another. Volunteering to help others is the best way to be a true Christian person. We should all help the less fortunate and should truly love doing it. When we volunteer for the joy of helping others we are blessing those less fortunate with the blessing of kindness, love, respect, and telling them that they are important and that there is someone who truly cares about their wellbeing.

The more good you do in the world without expecting something in return the closer you will be to god and his holy kingdom. The best thing about truly living for Jesus is to show your love for all things in the world. Jesus loves the world and he wants you to love the world. Be appreciative of all the blessing you have by offering blessings to others without expecting them to return the favor. Many people will do good deeds but expect recognition for doing those good deeds. The ones that don’t expect recognition and don’t ask for appreciation for what they do are the silent ones that are truly doing good deeds for the act of being kind to others. These are the ones that are truly close to Jesus and represent all that is good with the world.

Showing others that we care for them and don’t expect anything in return is one of the best ways to live your life. Everyone should volunteer at least once in their lifetime. Many people will volunteer for their Christmas or Thanksgiving holiday at soup kitchens or with feeding the hungry or clothing the needy when it’s cold out. Volunteering is one of the best things to do with your time.


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